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Call for Problems: 6th International Planning Competition (Uncertainty Part)



As done in the deterministic part of the IPC, the organizers of the uncertainty part ( ) of the IPC seek contribution from the community. If you have worked on, or know any problem that can be a good domain for one of the four tracks, please let us know by sending email to the organizers. As a reminder, the four tracks are:

  • non-observable non-deterministic (conformant) planning,
  • observable non-deterministic planning,
  • fully observable probabilistic planning and
  • partially observable probabilistic planning

(if at least 4 participants enter the track).

More details on the uncertainty part and its various tracks can be found on the official site for the uncertainty part of the IPC:

This website also contains links to previous competitions, with examples of benchmarks.

Contributions should be sent to .

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