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;; Authors: Sylvie Thiébaux and Iain Little
;; Story: You are stuck on a roof because the ladder you climbed up on
;; fell down.  There are plenty of people around; if you call out for
;; help someone will certaintly lift the ladder up again.  Or you can
;; try the climb down without it.  You aren't a very good climber
;; though, so there is a 50-50 chance that you will fall and break
;; your neck if you go it alone.  What do you do?

(define (domain climber)
  (:requirements :typing :strips :probabilistic-effects)
  (:predicates (on-roof) (on-ground) 
	       (ladder-raised) (ladder-on-ground) (alive))
  (:action climb-without-ladder :parameters ()
     :precondition (and (on-roof) (alive))
     :effect (and (not (on-roof))
		  (probabilistic 0.4 (not (alive)))))
  (:action climb-with-ladder :parameters ()
     :precondition (and (on-roof) (alive) (ladder-raised))
     :effect (and (not (on-roof)) (on-ground)))
  (:action call-for-help :parameters ()
     :precondition (and (on-roof) (alive) (ladder-on-ground))
     :effect (and (not (ladder-on-ground))

(define (problem climber-problem)
  (:domain climber)
  (:init (on-roof) (alive) (ladder-on-ground))
  (:goal (and (on-ground) (alive))))